The New Yorker

Published in The New Yorker on Levity: Selections Spring 2007 at the Drawing Center. Art Section, April 2, 2007
By: The New Yorker

35 Wooster St. (212-219-2166)—For “Levity: Selections Spring 2007,” fourteen participants selected from the Drawing Center’s artist registry liberate drawing from gravity, in one sense or another. Lisa Perez’s paper cutouts hover on the walls, like clustering spores; Norma-Jean Bothmer’s vivid blue drawings of her Teddy bear resist solemnity. Light is the “pencil” that creates the images in Bill Gerhard’s geometric works, purple sheets of construction paper strategically exposed to sunlight. Colored pencils are unleashed in Michelle Oosterbaan’s large-scale drawings, which blend abstract elements with carefully rendered trees. Esteban Alvarez’s video of his cat making a “drawing” with string extends the dialogue to include quadrupedal practitioners.